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Know your Therapist!!

WeLinQ brings Licensed Therapists close to you by their content like quizzes, exercises, card game developed by therapists themselves.

  • Get to know your therapist before the first session
  • FREE content like Courses, Quizzes, Exercises, etc. by mental health professionals
  • Book 15 minutes FREE consultations
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Your mental well being above all.

Therapeutic relationship with counselor, therapist or psychologist gives you an opportunity to explore your feelings, thoughts, and patterns of behavior. It can also help you learn new coping skills and techniques to better manage daily stressors and symptoms associated with your diagnosis.

Online Therapy Benefits

In comparison to traditional in office therapy, WeLinQ - online therapy has some advantages like message anytime, easy scheduling, easy therapists switch, go in sessions from anywhere.
Courses, Quizzes, Exercises by Therapists

Use these to work on habits you'd like to change, explore thoughts, feelings in judgement free environment. At the same time, you would learn about therapists - about your compatability with them. Go in sessions with confidence.
Gain a Sounding Board

Simply having a neutral third party to listen to the problems can go a long way in feeling heard and understood. This does not always happen in the midst of a fight or distress.
Why you need one:
  • Help you feel empowered
  • Discover yourself by developing new insights about yourself.
  • Build better coping strategies to manage distress.
  • Restoring emotional and physical intimacy
  • Restoring lost trust between a couple

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“ Really nice app - great fun to use on a first date or even later in a relationship to get to know your partner better. “
—Anna Deal, PhD Scholar
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“ The content is great and the way the app is laid out is very good. Great for knowing more about someone your dating. I would recommend to try this on your next date. “
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“ WelinQ offers a great platform for people to interact with each other much easily. You can get to know your partner even if you are away. A new concept in this era of digitalisation. “
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“ Finally an app with credible contents. “
—Lisa Champ, Appicu

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