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To make a difference in someone be the change you can be.

Dr. Stuti Pardhe ()

The 10 years of cross cultural experience and exposure in the U.K and the USA has given me an edge and motivation to change the lives of people. Healing is one of the greatest gifts I have and I passionately love to use this gift for the benefit of those who are finding it hard to believe that life can be beautiful. My life experiences taught me that life isn't easy at all but it isn't impossible too as I make every crooked path possible. Patience, peace, joy, and faith are the ingredients required in every recipe of life to make the unseen - seen. I look forward to serving you with the best that I have.

  • Offers 15 minute free consultations
  • Sees clients from: global, India
  • Session Rate: USD 110
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Testimonial 04