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Gautami Kumbhar (License to Practice)

Gautami is an accepting, non-judgemental psychologist and views mental health as an holistic self-care and well being that everyone should engage in.Gautami has completed her masters in Clinical Psychology from Modern College of Arts and Commerce, Pune. She believes that the therapeutic relationship is one of the biggest indicators of change, which is why she strives to create a safe, warm space in which clients can feel seen and heard. She follows an eclectic approach towards psychotherapy leaning towards mindfulness and existentialism. She believes that each person inherently has the potential to bring about change in their lives that powers the therapeutic process. She wishes to imbibe a culture where empathy, kindness are taught as mandatory life skills rather than soft skills. In her free time she engages herself in dance, gardening and movies.

  • License to Practice
  • Offers 15 minute free consultations
  • Sees clients from: India
  • Session Rate: USD 30
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Testimonial 04