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Heather Joy, PhD / Certified Life Coach

Heather Joy (PhD Psychology )

Heather has an interest in people, their stories, their struggles and their triumphs. This has led her to her mission to help people create the life they have always wanted.Heather has a PhD in Psychology, she has worked as a keynote speaker, women’s domestic abuse advocate, an advisor to up and coming entrepreneurs. She has worked as a suicide and crisis intervention counselor for over fifteen years. She has assisted as a therapist/counselor in the non-profit sector along with the County Court System advocating on behalf of children within the foster care system. Heather is a certified life coach, a certified women empowerment coach, a certified motivational coach and a certified assertiveness coach. In her free time Heather enjoys spending time with her five beautiful daughters. Her great passion in life is to help people stop doubting their greatness and start living their greatest life!

  • PhD Psychology
  • Offers 15 minute free consultations
  • Sees clients from: United States, global
  • Session Rate: USD 100
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