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Ioana Ungurianu (Systemic therapist,OTH,LMHP)

I believe that only together everything we face gets easier, so it is with great warmth and kindness that I invite you to get to know each other.I am an Emotionally Focused Systemic Therapist (EFT) and the therapy services I offer are aimed at couples or families as well as individuals who are interested in an individual therapeutic process. My training as an EFT psychotherapist took place within the Association of Emotionally Focused Psychotherapy for Couples and Families (http://www.eftromania.ro/).I can't remember a time when I wasn't passionate about human nature and the healing power of attachment and the relationships between people. I invite you on a journey of reconnecting and returning "home" through a therapeutic process that centers on attachment and our innate need to feel loved, valued, important and safe with the significant people in our lives.

  • Systemic therapist,OTH,LMHP
  • Offers 15 minute free consultations
  • Sees clients from: global, Romania
  • Session Rate: RON 400
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Testimonial 04