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Psychologist- Psychotherapist

María Fernanda Tavela (LIMHP)

I am a psychologist and professor of psychology. I have over nineteen years of experience in psychological treatment. My approach is bio-psycho-social. A person is a body (bio), with a unique history and experiences (psyche = soul in Greek) and crossed by certain social and generational phenomena (social). According to this approach, using different psychology and psychoanalysis techniques, I accompany my clients in the process of resolving their conflicts. I consider that my main objective as a therapist is to provide support and containment in moments of extreme anguish and sadness, and at the same time, to give patients tools that allow them to successfully deal with conflicting situations in their daily life. Psychotherapy is for anyone. Sometimes life presents us some challenges that we cannot handle by ourselves and we need a professional who can accompany us through these hard situations. For many adults psychotherapy may be the same or more effective than medicine.

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  • Sees clients from: global, Spain
  • Session Rate: EUR 100
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Testimonial 04